NPrinting On Demand Object installation

    The NPrinting Server installation executable contain the On Demand components. This NP Server installation file is available for download from the Qlik Downloads site.

    During the NPrinting server installation process, you can select to install the server, the On Demand components or both.

    To install the Ajax On Demand components on NPrinting Designer computer and or QlikView Desktops:

    1. Copy the NPrinting Server installation file to the target computer
    2. Run the installation
    3. Select 'Modify'. Click Next. Then ‘Custom’ installation
    4. Remove “Server” from the installation setup
    5. Complete the installation with the On Demand components selected.
    6. If installing on the NP Designer desktop, deselect QlikView NPrinting Server and select QlikView NPrinting Extensions and complete the installation
    7. If installing on the NP Server, ensure that QlikView NPrinting Server and QlikView NPrinting Extensions are both selected and complete the installation.

    In the NPrinting service account user profile, verify that the NPrinting Web Service is correctly installed by opening the internal.log file found in the %appdata%/NPrinting/ODS folder, using a text editor. An “On-Demand service has started successfully” string should be printed in the log.


    The On Demand objects must be installed on each NPrinting workstation, NPrinting Server and QV Server hosting the QV Access Point.


    To simply view On Demand reports from the QV Access Point, you must use a supported web browsers. See minimum requirements below:


    Minimum browser requirements to generate NPrinting On-Demand reports:

    • Internet Explorer: IE9 or higher
    • Chrome: 28 or higher
    • Safari: 6 or higher
    • FireFox: 23 or higher


    To ensure your On Demand environment will work normally, please consult the Troubleshooting: NPrinting Server Service and Schedules documentation to ensure that the NPrinting server service is configured correctly.


    Other On Demand related documentation:

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    NPrinting On-Demand: Architecture and Configuration

    Troubleshooting: NPrinting Server Service and Schedules


    NOTE: Custom objects (IE Plugin) are no longer supported from NPrinting and forward. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that previous versions of IE Plugin On Demand Components (NP 15.7 or lower) will continue to work with the current and future versions of the QlikView NPrinting Server 16.0 and higher.