Dear Qlik Community,

  I have decided to start a new professional project that will take all of my time, so I won't have more availability to continue supporting this group in the future. This is sad on one hand, as I won't have the possibility to interact with you as I am doing today, but it is also happy on the other hand as I am very excited to start my new adventure.


   I think I have created a community that at this moment has enough people and talent here to continue progressing around Conversational Analytics or Chatbots in many ways, and with self-sufficiency to help each other in the coming progress.


   Anyway, I recently have discovered that Qlik Product Management has included Conversational Analytics and Chatbots in the Qlik Roadmap, so I think you can contact them for more information or support around this projects. Specifically, Todd Margolis (@tmg) and Aran Nathanson (@ath) are the people in charge for this area.

     Enjoy chatting, and chatbotting


Goodbye and good luck

   Juan Gerardo Cabeza