The future is now:

We are very excited to announce that we are open-sourcing two Qlik Bots today! One is the bot originally developed by Juan Gerardo  (QlikBotNet) written in .NET/C# for the Telegram messaging platform. The other is a brand new bot (QlikBotNode) by Yianni Ververis written in Javascript with node.js also for Telegram. We have chosen to provide the source code to you for two reasons. First, we want more business users to take advantage of the power of the Qlik platform to accelerate your data-driven decision making wherever you want. These Qlik bots make it very easy to access your KPIs and get answers quickly and easily on the go. Secondly, we want to enable developers to leverage the Qlik engine with their own bots. Whether you want to extend the capabilities of our Qlik Bots or use these projects as examples to interact with Qlik content inside your existing bots we've got you covered.

QlikBotNet is designed for demonstrating the future of conversational analytics. You can ask it questions such as "Could you show me the cost by family?" and it will return the current data along with a chart if it finds one. It looks at the master dimensions, measures and visualizations to provide you with the most relevant information you ask it. You can also retrieve Qlik NPrinting reports, get a list of dimensions and measures or just show all your KPIs. Oh yea, it can also speak six languages! Huge props to Wuzhong Zhu from Qlik's Developer Relations group for updating Juan's code.

QlikBotNode is about to make your life much easier (and possibly better). Through an extremely simple and intuitive interface, you can quickly access your KPIs and dashboards. Just select which app you want to use and click on the KPI you want to know and voila! Keep your eyes on this bot as it's already being tested with other messaging platforms besides Telegram!

We hope you'll enjoy using these bots, but we also hope you'll download the source, extend it and send us pull requests so we can integrate your changes! We can't wait to see what you'll build! Skynet, commence.