• Performance Testing  with 100 users in Qliksense

    Hi all,   We  want to do performance testing of Qliksense application in  Qliksense September 2017 server.We had following list of queries regarding testing using Jmeter   What is the minimum no ...
    Bhargav Bhat
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  • IndexAdd error

    I'm receiving the following error when trying to use IndexAdd. I am thinking it needs a direct path instead of relative? What's the proper way to implement that? A full path in the indexAdd arguments?   Here's m...
    Steve Wallace
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  • Help with Num() (QLIKVIEW)

    Dear All,   This is my expression: =Num(Count(if(match(DEV_CODE,'NR'),INT_ORD_NO))) Result: 14366 Requirement is to display the numbers with comma in the Textbox (KPI)   Issue: if I use the expression...
    Saimeenakshi Sankar
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  • Qlik sense & NPrinting installation time

    Hi guys   Do you have any idea of the time needed to install and configure Qlik Sense and NPrinting Servers?   We're talking about a basic single node installation   best regards juju
    christian juillard
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  • Mapping a drive to the QDF Framework results in reload errors because '### QDF Info, Shared Global Variables using cache'

    I'm using the QDF Framework version 1.7.1 but I think this also affected 1.7.   I install the framework to C:\Qv-Docs\SourceDocs\01.DWQLIKDEV-LOCAL on my pc   or I install it to E:\Qv-Docs\SourceDocs\01.DW...
    Andy Ritting
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  • Script error

    Vid laddning av data erhåller jag felmeddelandet nedan. Vid laddning kompletteras tabellnamnet med användarnamnet i ODBC-källan). Vad kan detta bero på? SQL##f - SqlState: S0002, ErrorCode: 4294...
    Per-Otto Emilson
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  • Error: CFXFileSize::EvalDual: Unexpected exception

    Hi, I´m facing the error "CFXFileSize::EvalDual: Unexpected exception" in windows application log after QlikSense November 2017 release and QDF 1.7 and 1.7.1. QlikSense Engine reports aboat 5000 errors a d...
    David Ehlin
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  • What is the best way to deploy Apps in Qlik Sense Enterprise version

    I will go and ask this openly and see what are the best ideas I get from experts in the community.   I am working on a Qlik Sense Enterprise server where most of the testing (UAT), development has been done on t...
    Daniel Wardzynski
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  • File not exists warnings

    In the file LoadAll.qvs the include is outside of the if clause, this generates a file does not exists warning every time the load script is run, is there any reason why it's not in the if -> else code block? By mo...
    Piotr Gora
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  • How to create a deployment package?

    Dear All,   Can someone help me in understanding the process of creating a deployment package?   Thanks in advance!   Regards, Sai
    Saimeenakshi Sankar
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  • Issue in distribution: Table or View not found

    Dear all,   I have a staging application where I am using many tables. One such table is added and works fine while reloading in local dev. environment. However, when the application is placed in a sandbox and t...
    Saimeenakshi Sankar
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  • IndexDel function is not aligned

    The IndexAdd function allows to specific the container name and index folder, but the IndexDel function only allow to specify the index folder. So if we specify same index folder with different container name, then th...
    Walter Yip
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  • Issue in deployment

    Dear All,   I have my applications in a sandbox. One for QVD Generation and another is an end-user application. Both the applications reloads just fine in the desktop. However, when the batch job is executed fai...
    Saimeenakshi Sankar
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  • QDF 1.7 not updating all variables

    Hi there,   I'm using QDF 1.7 and I noticed not all variables are update when I run the script, especially the Shared Path variables. When these variables are already populated/initiated it won't update these o...
    Marc Algera
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  • Issue while getting qlik web ticket through java program

    Hi Experts,   We have written a java program to get webticket from the Qlikview server ,the program connects to the server and seeks ticket id by calling the GetWebTicket.aspx program in the  Qlik server di...
    Neha Saxena
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  • This site can’t be reached- Azure Deployment

    I have deployed Qlik Sense solution on Azure and setup the virtual proxies and windows firewall rules to let them communicate for external use. Now , I am able to connect with the qliksense over internet using "Virtu...
    Shahid Mr
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  • Unable to open the program

    Hi all,   I am not able to open the problem which the following exception message is popup. Any help?   System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'QVDeploymentFramework.Form1' threw an e...
    Walter Yip
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  • Automatically Software Versioning

    Hello experts, I'm a management consultant, usually developing applications for my customers in a QDF environment and I'd like to know if there is the chance to automatically give a "version number" to a specific con...
    Brunello Menicucci
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  • Create container failed in Variable Editor

    I have an existing QDF environment that works well. The problem is now that I cannot create a new container. After adding a new container folder name in the container map editor I click "Update Map and create Contai...
    Anna Bergendal
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  • QVD: Two DB`s same table structures

    Dear all,   I am developing an app using QDF. My application involves tables of data from Two different databases, however the tables structures, table names and field names are similar. I need to create QVDs wi...
    Saimeenakshi Sankar
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