Qlik, without a doubt, provides the best BI technology platform today!

As your business requirements, number of applications and environments grow it is clear that you require a product that can manage the complete lifecycle of a Qlik (QlikView and Qlik Sense) file from requirement to retirement across all your environments.


Our partners and customers asked us how they can improve the overall governance of their Qlik platforms:

  • Collaboration between business users, developers and administrators of environments?
  • How they can centralise development requirements, collaborate and monitor development investments and progress?
  • How they can reprioritise and assign work across their development workforce?
  • How they can manage development in an agile way as requirements are generated and changed?
  • How they can force developers to implement development procedures?
  • How they can control the quality of applications within their environments?
  • How they can manage the deployment of applications based on application quality?
  • How they can enable their administrators to manage stable, controlled and monitored environments?
  • How they can govern and audit their total Qlik platform?


Our Qlik partners and customers invest in WIP: Our flagship web based lifecycle management solution, to not only manage the versions and promotion of applications, but the total lifecycle of the application.


WIP provides:

  • Agile Requirements Management - Kanban (API available)
  • Integrated Release Management
  • Development Collaboration (business users, developers, administrators)
  • Source control and version management
  • Change control and change analysis
  • File lineage and impact analysis
  • Quality Control - environment checklists and integrated complexity analysis across versions and environments
  • Publication management
  • Central administration - servers, environments, users, security etc.
  • Governance analysis across files, users, environments, changes etc.
  • Audit management


Hope this blog was insightful and we are happy to address any questions you may have. Come run a POC on WIP and see the value it can create for you and your Qlik customers. I have attached some product images for your perusal.




JP Kirton



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Qlik Deployment Framework !

How to meet the future with digitalized prosesses and how to take this to the next step ? Well the first question you need to answer is what is digitalizing ? Digitalizing is when you get a more than one prosess to communicate, so the buzzword is not dititalizing but communication. Lets go deeper into this, For fourty years ago i saw Excel or the predesessor "Visicalc" for the first time. I waa doing cobol at that time and a reveloution came up to leaders in companies. They could do it all by them self and so is it today. They are doing the digitalized prosesses by them self but are they ? No, they are not - they are making a lot of sheets in excel with complex formulas and suddenly it is time for other departements in the company to acheive the figures. Then we start up the xerox engineering, mails and so on to make sure they hav digitalized the prosess. When I was presentet for Qlik software I had used the SAS system for twenty years and I saw the advantages by change to Qlik. This software have a lot mor flexibility and are faster than any other prosess for beeing a BI system. I would like to share an example on this with you and it is about an question i got from CRM dept. They have bought a new third party system which is specialized on automate simple prosesses about correcting transaction systems. It means that when customer service people making mistakes in the system it has to be corrected by som other people. This is manhours we wanted to reduse so - the new system is setup to receive data from the transaction system ICC. The CRM dept started to think how can we digitalize this process ? Who should make this input ? Well they came up with a couple of people who should make 18 sql to acheive information from ICC and move the files manually into the shared folder. I thought it must be another and better solution on this and took teh 18 sql into one qvw eith 18 different simpel objects in.Then I made an Nprinting job (Qlik Entity) with csv format as output and placed these 18 "reports" into 18 different shared folders. When all this are sheduled both QMC environments it is making the input automatically every night after closing hour by customer service. THis is in my eyes Digitalizing without manually operations.

Hello friends -

QlikView Governance Dashboard 2.0.4 has been released! Wahoo!

See QlikView 12.10 Service Release 8 and QlikView Governance Dashboard 2.0.4 now available


This has a few bug fixes which should make all of our lives easier.



"The first time I started to use Qlik Sense it amazed me how easy it is to create powerful great looking apps. The ability to analyze my data was something I never experiences before and I noticed several area's of approval in our own sales process.


When the number of apps started to grow as well as my Library connections I knew that I needed to manage this before it got out of hand. That's when I started to look for solutions"


This was told to me last week when I visited a Customer that recently started to use Platform Manager.

If you're struggling with Version Control on Qlik Sense or looking for a solution to manage Qlik Sense app versions and easy deployment you might want to check out Platform Manager from In4BI. This solution has been around for QlikView since 2014 and for Qlik Sense since April 2016 and provides features that enable you to have a full Life cycle platform for Sense. Some highlights are:


  • Easy deployment of multiple Qlik Sense apps to multiple streams and/or Qlik Sense servers.
  • Single click restore
  • Data Lineage diagram provides Visualization of all Dependencies
  • Ability to automatically create a release of your Qlik Sense apps including all dependencies
  • Impact Analyses enables you to analyze and optimize your own Development
  • Difference Analyses helps your testers to focus on the changes made
  • Integrates with Qlik Sense and QlikView
  • Customizable workflow with enforced approval and segregation of duties
  • Complete audit trail of what happened to your Qlik Sense app. Useful for compliance
  • Simple Web Interface integrates with streams and MyWork


I have attached some pictures to give you an impression of the benefits of the solution.

It's easy to use and easy to implement. You can test drive first if you want to experience the advantages it has for Qlik Sense (and QlikView)



Jeroen Gerritsen


Calling all Qlik Sense user, admins, and experts -


As the developer of the Monitoring apps (Operations Monitor and License Monitor), I am continually seeking insightful feedback and input from the field. I want the apps to provide the most value possible, so I ask your help.

For all who have installed and used Qlik Sense - specifically the QMC - what is your impression of the Monitoring (aka Governance) apps? Do you use them? If so, why? What is valuable to you?

What is missing?

What is unclear?

Anything unhelpful that could be cleaned up?


If you do not use them, why not?


I appreciate your time and thought!

Thanks! Gracias! Obrigado! Tack!


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