How to meet the future with digitalized prosesses and how to take this to the next step ? Well the first question you need to answer is what is digitalizing ? Digitalizing is when you get a more than one prosess to communicate, so the buzzword is not dititalizing but communication. Lets go deeper into this, For fourty years ago i saw Excel or the predesessor "Visicalc" for the first time. I waa doing cobol at that time and a reveloution came up to leaders in companies. They could do it all by them self and so is it today. They are doing the digitalized prosesses by them self but are they ? No, they are not - they are making a lot of sheets in excel with complex formulas and suddenly it is time for other departements in the company to acheive the figures. Then we start up the xerox engineering, mails and so on to make sure they hav digitalized the prosess. When I was presentet for Qlik software I had used the SAS system for twenty years and I saw the advantages by change to Qlik. This software have a lot mor flexibility and are faster than any other prosess for beeing a BI system. I would like to share an example on this with you and it is about an question i got from CRM dept. They have bought a new third party system which is specialized on automate simple prosesses about correcting transaction systems. It means that when customer service people making mistakes in the system it has to be corrected by som other people. This is manhours we wanted to reduse so - the new system is setup to receive data from the transaction system ICC. The CRM dept started to think how can we digitalize this process ? Who should make this input ? Well they came up with a couple of people who should make 18 sql to acheive information from ICC and move the files manually into the shared folder. I thought it must be another and better solution on this and took teh 18 sql into one qvw eith 18 different simpel objects in.Then I made an Nprinting job (Qlik Entity) with csv format as output and placed these 18 "reports" into 18 different shared folders. When all this are sheduled both QMC environments it is making the input automatically every night after closing hour by customer service. THis is in my eyes Digitalizing without manually operations.