• Remote Management Services - QMC Tasks Migrations.

    Hello Community,   I've had enough with manuals migrations and implementations, so I decided to start looking some information about automatic task migration. This is what I've got so far:   - Official Hel...
    Diego Barboza
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  • Technical whitelist qlik senseserver

    Hello,   Do we have a whitelist qlik sense server for the new families of intel xeon platinum, gold and bronze families?   The last one that i found is from 29/jun/2017 and only have E5 and E7: https://ww...
    igor gois
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  • Can we do scalability testing for Qlik sense embedded applications?

    Hi All,   I have successfully configure scalability testing tool for qlik sense and started using this tool for testing the performance of applications hosted on qlik sense server/qmc.   Now i wanted to kn...
    Dipali Jagtap
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  • Qlik Scalability App ( 5GB ) download link from Qlik FTP ?

    Hi All, I have a colleague who downloaded a 5 GB Qlik Sense Scalability tool. We can't find this App to download anymore. Is anyone aware where this 5GB app can be downloaded from ? did  it move to another loc...
    Zareh Tashjian
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  • Any one successful in using Jmeter for Load testing?

    I tried NTLM authentication ,it is of no use because each session is killed by new simulated user. I also tried Custom authentication as per the Scalability document by implementing IIS and it didn't work either. (A...
  • QV Performance in AWS

    Has anyone been able to achieve acceptable performance running production QVS in AWS?   -Rob
    Rob Wunderlich
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  • QlikView scalability tool unable to extract values from chart

    Hi,   I'm trying to configure the QlikView scalability tool version 1.2.3 to run against a document available via access point. No section access is enabled on this document.   So Change sheet works 15089...
    Biju Krishnan
    created by Biju Krishnan
  • Users driven from scalability tool do not show up in healthcheck API

    Successfully using the scalability tools with Sense September 2017.   When running a load testing script I see the CPU load on the server go up, network traffic indicating that apps are loaded from shared stora...
    Göran Sander
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  • I would like to know everything about RAM recommendations

    Hi. I've searched and found useful documents regarding virtualization, but I can't tell if they are not outdated and still I'm left with some questions. (This post and this post, have relevant info, and I attach the...
    Roberto Medellin
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  • Qlik Sense Scalability Tool - Failed to get app structure: Failed to to connect to app. Error: Failed to connect to application

    We have QS Ver 3.1 single-node and can not get the app structure.   This issue is similar to the following Community article:ScalabilityTool assistence needed Here is what we've tried so far: Tried to locall...
    Vladimir Landaverde
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  • ScalabilityTool assistence needed

    Hi,   I'm kind of struggeling with getting the scalability tool working.   I set up my Qlik Sense 2.0.3 Server according to appendix A of the Scalability Tool User Manual: applied license configured virt...
    Daniel Peger
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  • Experience with Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8168?

    Hello!   A customer is planning to buy the brand new   Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8168 Processor (33M Cache, 2.70 GHz) Product Specifications   Someone already has experience with it? When can we...
    Roland Vecera
    created by Roland Vecera
  • RH5885H V3 serve

    Do you have any chance to test or run QlikView on RH5885H V3 server?
    Alfredo Gasca
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  • Qlikview IE plugin versus AJAX

    It has always felt to me that the IE plugin performs better (using QVP protocol going direct) versus AJAX.   Is this the case for you?   I asked support and they were kind of wishy washy about it. I was ju...
    Michael Ellerbeck
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  • Qlik Scalablity tool performance counter

    Hi Experts, I am not able to load performance counter data to my scalablity tools. Qvd is getting generated in QVD folder (PerformanceCounterQVD). this is because while loading there is condition that:   Perf...
    Pankaj Thakur
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  • Qlik Sense Analyzer

    Hi,   I have extracted the Perfmon logs in the Following path Add to dictionary--> Analyser--> Server logs.   But when I try to open the results in the SC_Results. The CPU, RAM (Resource)Details are ...
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • Error in Logs

    Hi,   I am new in scalability testing and facing some issues in it. I am using Jmeter 3.0 and when I run the script I get 0 errors in the tool .   But in the session logs and event logs I get the error li...
    Aushtosh Sharma
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  • Qlik Sense Scalability tool_Difference between workers and sessions

    Hi Team,   I have executed the scenario for 2 hours duration. In the log during the execution there are 2 fields which I m confused of. Workers and the Sessions.   Can you please let me know how many users...
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • Jmeter error code

    Hi   I'm getting this code in the Jmeterl log when trying to run a test. 0,0,,Non HTTP response code: java.lang.NullPointerException,Non HTTP response message: null,QlikView 1-1,text,false,991,1,1,0   Her...
    Jakob Hansen
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  • Charts Not generated

    Hi ,   I am using NTLM authentication, whenever I use access point in my script I get error, so when I remove accesspoint from my script my error %tage is 0%.   Secondly in the result analyzer output ...
    Shashank R
    created by Shashank R