• Experience with Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8168?

    Hello!   A customer is planning to buy the brand new   Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8168 Processor (33M Cache, 2.70 GHz) Product Specifications   Someone already has experience with it? When can we...
    Roland Vecera
    created by Roland Vecera
  • QV Performance in AWS

    Has anyone been able to achieve acceptable performance running production QVS in AWS?   -Rob
    Rob Wunderlich
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  • RH5885H V3 serve

    Do you have any chance to test or run QlikView on RH5885H V3 server?
    Alfredo Gasca
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  • Qlikview IE plugin versus AJAX

    It has always felt to me that the IE plugin performs better (using QVP protocol going direct) versus AJAX.   Is this the case for you?   I asked support and they were kind of wishy washy about it. I was ju...
    Michael Ellerbeck
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  • Qlik Scalablity tool performance counter

    Hi Experts, I am not able to load performance counter data to my scalablity tools. Qvd is getting generated in QVD folder (PerformanceCounterQVD). this is because while loading there is condition that:   Perf...
    Pankaj Thakur
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  • Any one successful in using Jmeter for Load testing?

    I tried NTLM authentication ,it is of no use because each session is killed by new simulated user. I also tried Custom authentication as per the Scalability document by implementing IIS and it didn't work either. (A...
  • Qlik Sense Analyzer

    Hi,   I have extracted the Perfmon logs in the Following path Add to dictionary--> Analyser--> Server logs.   But when I try to open the results in the SC_Results. The CPU, RAM (Resource)Details are ...
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • Error in Logs

    Hi,   I am new in scalability testing and facing some issues in it. I am using Jmeter 3.0 and when I run the script I get 0 errors in the tool .   But in the session logs and event logs I get the error li...
    Aushtosh Sharma
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  • Qlik Sense Scalability tool_Difference between workers and sessions

    Hi Team,   I have executed the scenario for 2 hours duration. In the log during the execution there are 2 fields which I m confused of. Workers and the Sessions.   Can you please let me know how many users...
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • Jmeter error code

    Hi   I'm getting this code in the Jmeterl log when trying to run a test. 0,0,,Non HTTP response code: java.lang.NullPointerException,Non HTTP response message: null,QlikView 1-1,text,false,991,1,1,0   Her...
    Jakob Hansen
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  • Charts Not generated

    Hi ,   I am using NTLM authentication, whenever I use access point in my script I get error, so when I remove accesspoint from my script my error %tage is 0%.   Secondly in the result analyzer output ...
    Shashank R
    created by Shashank R
  • Scalablity tool_TPH calculation

    Hi, I want to achieve the below TPH in 10 mins.   TPH: 18 User: 3 Duration: 10 mins No of transactions: 3 Timer delay:2   Kindly let me know the Test settings and how to achieve the TPH. Thee timer de...
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • Error "Connect failed after 2 attempts"

    Hi all,   I have some interrogation using the Scalability tools 3.2.5 for Qlik Sense.   I success to connect it, can get app structure and test a scenario. I'm using NTML as ConnectionType.   Now I ...
    Christophe Decluseau
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  • Errors in bench

    Hi,   Running the bench tool, the customer get Java errors like those :   jmeter.util.XPathUtil: Type=Val=false Tol=false org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Content is not allo...
    Chotana Pou
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  • Scalability Tool Issue_ public key not resolved

    Hi When I try to execute one step I am getting the following error in Log file.     WARN ScenarioEditor:Assembly <Qlik.Engine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1a848309662c81e5> not...
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • Jmeter - GC Allocation Failure

    Hi guys While running a JMeter test, I noticed a number of errors in the "Print JDebug info" window.   "GC allocation Failure"   The scripts appear to be working fine. Is this error something I should wo...
    Andrew Mcgough
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  • Qlik Scalability tool

    Hi,   We have want to test the performance of the QlikSense application. Does the saclability tool supports both QlikView and Qliksense application?
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • scalability tool server configuration

    We want to configure our dev server in the scalibility tool. Can any one let me know the process. As well as the below steps are not that much useful. On the server side (where Qlik Sense is installed):  License ...
    Ayesha Firdose
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  • Qlik Sense API - Rest connector

    Good morning Qlik community, I am currently managing multiple environments which makes the audit of the users a very tedious and manual process. I would like to use the APIs that are available inside Qlik Sense to pu...
    Jimmy Rhoat
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  • Where is the Chipset white list?

    Hi all,   I can't find the updated report Chipset white list  / benchmarked well performing servers   Any help, please??   Thank you in advance.
    Sistemas Elcorteingles
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