• Problem with fixed point arithmetic in SAP OpenSQL Connector 7.0.0+Build:00310...

    Greetings!   We are currently encountering the following error when trying to use SAP OpenSQL connector 7.0.0+Build:00310 to load data through a join between MKPF & MSEG:   09:57:44,365 [1] - SQL Line(s...
    Jose Diaz
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  • How to model PFR orders in SD application

    We have PFR orders that are standard sales orders, but do not have a delivery nor shipping document. Sales Order > Purchase Order > Billing Document. I am not sure what would be the proper way to model my Sales ...
    Chekib Kchouk
    created by Chekib Kchouk
  • Carga Incremental EBAN

    Hola a todos   Estoy intentando hacer una carga incremental de una tabla SAP, La tabla es la EBAN y uso el campo de fecha de modificacion (ERDAT) para hacer la comparacion de la fecha maxima y hacer el triggereo...
    Nacianceno Martinez
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  • Incremental Load from EBAN SAP

    Hi everyone   I want to do a incremental load from the EBAN table but when i want to peek the maxdate number send a null value some one can explain me why?     This is my script. LIB CONNECT TO 'SA...
    Nacianceno Martinez
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  • SAP BW Transport fail

    Hi, guys I have some problem when I transport my file   SAP basis release 701 bw release 701   i want to use sap sqlconnector to get infoobject   my SAP  connector version is 6.5 My question ...
    Jay Tsai
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  • ALV Table (Qlik Sense)

    Hi all,   Is it possible to get the ALV Table through the SAP connector? Thanks a lot.   Best Regards, Louis
    Louis Lam
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  • How to get data from SAP BW

    Hi guys, we already have sap erp connector and we used sap sql connector. this is my question   1. can i use sap sql connector to get sap bw data ? 2. can anyone give me a direction  how to build data m...
    Jay Tsai
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    Regarding sample program of SAP connection QV provided a lot of sample script of QVW. it looks a very nice. QVW name = 02_SAP-FI-GL_LAYOUT.QVW But it becomes syntactic ERROR.   02_SAP-FI-GL_LAYOUT.QVW 01_SAP-...
    Kei Inoue
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  • Negative Values

    Hi all   I have a question and problem, Im extracting data of a SAP db and in some cases the data are in negativo but qlik sense don't recognize that value as negative and extracting the number as positive, so ...
    Nacianceno Martinez
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  • Incremental Load

    Hi all   In this moment I need to do a Incremental Load... I make a lot of examples here in the community and in other groups but any of them can help me so i dont know if some one here have a base of a script t...
    Nacianceno Martinez
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  • Feature Requests SAP Connector

    Where can I adress Feature Requests for the SAP Connector
    Ingo Gansen
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  • Incremental load ad hoc

    Hi experts,   We have QlikView SAP Connector installed and we download data from many complicated tables. With the GL connector we can download slices of information but with the handicap that we only have infor...
    Muñoz Héctor
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  • Is the Qlik Connector necessary to extract data from SAP ERP running on HANA?

    We only want to submit SQL queries to the SAP ERP tables. No BW, no Z's, just plain SQL. We think the regular HANA ODBC connector described below is enough: https://blogs.sap.com/2015/08/04/sap-hana-and-qlik-viewsens...
    Angel Monjaras
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  • qlik sap sql connector test rfc error

    Hello, i used the sap sql connector but i face this problem below Test connection   RfcAbapRuntimeException:No RFC authorization for function module RFCPING   can anyone solve my problem:))
    Jay Tsai
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  • Qlik SAP OLAP connector(6.4) issue with BW 7.5 powered by HANA

    We were using Qlik OLAP connector with BW 7.3 form past more than one year. now after migrating to BW 7.5 powered by HANA suddenly only OLAP connector started behaving unexpected.   OLAP connector works perfect...
    Nizar Ahmad
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  • OLAPDeltaLoad.doc

    Hi All,        I am looking for document about deltaLoad. But i cant find the doc, Can someone upload one?   Best Regards, Louis
    Louis Lam
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  • /QTQVC/FETCH_STREAM failed after 00:00:00 Key = RFC_INVALID_HANDLE (An invalid handle was passed to the API call)

    Dear Experts,   We are facing below problem - We have scheduled the execution of QVWs using batch files which runs in background.   Some times it is observed that data fetching from SAP is getting termina...
    Girish Talele
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  • SAP EWM (GUID Algorithm)

    Hello I have the following problem. I try to link tables from SAP. But now I have the problem that I see in the first table (/ SCWM / AQUA) one MATID 4B98A4A9F21400DAE1008000AC17A513 GUID16 format and in the second ta...
    Matthias Steiling
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  • SAP BW OLAP - How to filter a dimension (where clause or variable) ?

    Hi all Hereto is my OLAP request. I am using QvSAPOLAPConnector and I want to keep only the data where in the field [IOINSIND] value is equal to 'F'. Both statements below didn't work. Do you have a clue for me or ...
    xavier roty
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  • Function module QTQVC/GETMETADATA does not exist....(???)

    When i try to select an Infoprovider from the available providers list using SAP InfoProvider for QlikView, version 6.4, i get the following error...     Does it ring a bell to anyone?   We installe...
    Dimitrios Apostolopoulos
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