In an article entitled Which Vendors Lead the Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market? author Jennifer Bresnick on November 19, 2015 details some of the fragmentation in the market for not only electronic health record systems but also healthcare analytics.

I usually cringe at colorful pie charts, and I'm hoping Jennifer will allow me to help her out next round with Qlik Sense. The pie charts in her article are sorted incorrectly and colored all willy-nilly.

So, I quickly scraped the data and built the charts in Qlik Cloud in a matter of a few minutes, leading to your choice of three visualizations that I believe better convey the market share leaders in inpatient EHRs.

First up, the pie chart:

Secondly, a personal favorite, the tree map:

Finally and perhaps most easily consumable, the ever capable bar chart:

Which one is your favorite? Leave a note in the comments.

Always willing to help out Jennifer and HealthcareIT Analytics team! It's only a few minutes to get beautiful, interactive, and easy to consume visualizations. Feel free to embed those in your site!

Everything is powered by Qlik Sense. Try it here free, for Mac, PC, Linux, iPad, Android, Kindle, Microsoft Surface, Palm Pilot, Commodore 64, etc. (Note: I haven't personally tested most of these systems.)

Originally posted on LinkedIn: Inpatient EHR Vendor Selection - Pick Your Favorite Visualization