UglyDuckling.jpgI recently worked with others within Qlik to analyze a massive amount of data from ClinicalTrials.Gov using Teradata Aster.


One of the many analytical functions we ran calculated the probability of success for active trials based on numbers of factors.


As the Qlik Dork I naturally wanted to visualize the numbers in a way that was stunning. But to my dismay as I created the Scatter Diagram it was far below my expectations. In many ways I thought "wow that's an ugly duckling."


It was only after I dug in further did I realize that this chart was no ugly duckling, it was in fact a magnificent and incredibly intelligent swan.


As we progress forward in our industry in our ability to obtain and consume massive amounts of data our perspectives are going to have to change in terms of what is beautiful and what is ugly. By nature Qlik Sense charts are built to be able to display massive amounts of data. The question many of us face is "are we ready to behold their beauty or are we going to cast them aside because they don't look like what we've been using for many years?"



I'm really hopeful that this post isn't just me blabbering. That others will use to share and collaborate on their experiences.


What massive sets of data have you displayed?

How did your end users initially take it?

Any lessons you've learned in displaying thousands of data points instead of dozens?

What extensions have you begin using and how are you training your end users internally to understand them?