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As a Cerner client, you enjoy a data-rich, powerful, open EHR. What would you think if you could extend this robust system by embedding analytics directly within the clinician workflow?

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Well, now you can. Qlik has developed the SMART Analytics Adapter – an API that lets you embed Qlik Sense Analytics dashboards right within Cerner Millennium. No toggling, no separate log in. Dashboards and apps incorporating more than just EMR data available within a patient chart.

So what does access to analytics within the EHR workflow do for clinicians?

  • Informs decision making, enabling improved outcomes.
  • Speeds decision making, having information seamlessly available.
  • Focuses decision making, efficiently using clinician time.

And this access does not compromise privacy or security. The SMART Analytics Adapter receives context from the user’s interaction within Millennium and allows the opening of dashboards, filtered by Millennium-defined authentication rights, to reflect the same patient set or details that were being viewed in the medical record.

This solution was featured at CHC in Kansas City the week of October 9th. We joined the Cerner Code Developer program and continue to work closely with Cerner to enhance and validate the SMART Analytics Adapter. This technology leverages the SMARTonFHIR and the Cerner Ignite APIs.

How do we get started or learn more:

If you didn't get a chance to visit with us at CHC and would like to learn more, please email Joe Warbington ( Joe will share the technical requirements and use cases already deployed by joint Qlik/Cerner customers.

Additionally, join us for a live demo and Q&A on Nov 8th: Qlik Healthcare Demo Day - The SMART Analytics Adapter

We are pleased to have this solution validated by Cerner and featured prominently at CHC. Reach out today and get a conversation started on how your organization can offer embedded analytics to your clinical users.

Additional details attached available for Cerner clients in the private Qlik Cerner Group. Request access here: Cerner Developers Group

Qlik Cerner SMART Analytics Adapter screen.png

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