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More Details on LACE Index for readmission risk scoring:  Qlik Healthcare Demo Day - Readmissions

Two of the applications I highlighted during the Preventing Readmissions webinar on 3/22/2018 are available to explore here:

  1. Hospital Readmissions – https://demos.qlik.com/qliksense/HospitalReadmissions?industry=Healthcare
  2. Diabetes Discovery – https://demos.qlik.com/qliksense/DiabetesDiscovery?industry=Healthcare

Qlik Accelerate is a Qlik Consulting service that delivers pre-built applications designed and built by industry experts for real-life business scenarios. Once your data is loaded, the application can be ready to use and scaled to your business. Qlik Healthcare Accelerators are designed to help you accelerate time to value by enabling near real-time analytics of your operational, clinical and financial performance, so you can quickly react and make changes to improve health outcomes and net margin.


Our Healthcare Accelerators have been pre-built by a team of experts, and are based on best practices with other customers and industry-proven data models.  The applications are delivered with defined KPI’s and analytics, ready to accept your data from whatever EMR system you are running.  You can use the applications as is, or the Qlik Consulting Services team can further customize it, based on your own unique needs and requirements.


Recording (56 min)

Fast Track to Awesome Apps

Qlik Accelerate - Qlik Snippet


2016-09-21 17_44_54-Qlik Consulting_Qlik Accelerate_Healthcare.pptx - PowerPoint.jpg

2016-09-21 17_47_10-Qlik Consulting_Qlik Accelerate_Healthcare_Data Sheet.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader.jpg

The Diabetes Management Qlik Sense Application guides you through a variety of clinically relevant factors in studying a population:

• KPIs tracking Triglyceride : HDL Cholesterol ratios, BMI, Microalbumin levels, etc,

• Diabetes patient visit statistics comparing them with patients across the population

• Comorbidity dashboard tracking patient population against 5 well known diabetes comorbidities

• Risk Analyzer that takes all patient visits in the sample set and allocates them into a collection of scatter charts so clinicians can slice/dice visits down to those exhibiting diabetes risk factors

• Diabetes Risk Score algorithm created within Sense that calculates a risk score for each patient based on their test results

• Lifestyle and Socioeconomic sheet tracking the non-clinical risk indicators of diabetes.


Recording (35 min)

Register for August 25, 2016 Demo

2016-08-09 18_29_30-Qlik Sense Desktop.jpg

2016-08-09 18_29_59-Qlik Sense Desktop.jpg

Extend Embed and Expand Analytics with Qlik

Presented by: Dave Freriks, Emerging Technology Evangelist, Qlik Partner Engineering and Developer Relations

Recording (60min password qlik2016)

Check Qlik Healthcare Technical Thursday Program page for recordings and future sessions.

2016-07-21 14_31_29-Qonnections Platform Demo by David Freriks.jpg

Extend: Augmenting the current Qlik Sense capabilities with additions such as customer visualizations, widgets, and other snap-in technologies.

2016-07-21 14_29_21-Qonnections Platform Demo by David Freriks.jpg



Embed:  Taking created content from Qlik Sense and placing elsewhere in other systems or creating mashups and customer’s websites leveraging existing content.

2016-07-21 14_30_37-Qonnections Platform Demo by David Freriks.jpg

Expand:  Using the API’s to create new and customer content independent of the Qlik Sense client interface.


Explore the Qlik Sense Dev Hub to begin exploring how to do it on your own.

Learn more:

Qlik Help

Qlik Sense Developers (APIs, Mashups, Widgets)

Qlik Community Integration/API videos

Qlik Branch

Mashups in action:

UN Diplomatic Pulse

Axis Group

The New York State Hospital Discharges application leverages public data from New York State to visualize and stratify metrics pertaining to patient volume, revenue and profitability, and clinical quality.


Built by Qlik partner, PA Consulting, the application drives analysis for payor organizations to evaluate comparative performance with substantial drill down capabilities.

Recording (24 min, password qlik2016)

Register for July 28th Demo: https//qlik.webex.com/qlik/onstage/g.php?MTID=e2462661f76084cbe344ac07f1aad8ee6

2016-07-15 11_36_54-Qlik Sense Desktop.jpg

PA Consulting Contact: Carlos Ariza  +1 305 588 7530 Carlos.Ariza@paconsulting.com

UPDATED: October 1, 2018. The Qlik Data Revolution Tour is coming to cities near you! Check below.


The Qlik Healthcare community has many events throughout the year. We hope you can join us locally and virtually to collaborate on solutions to address the Quadruple Aim! Many more resources available at http://healthcare.qlik.com


    NEW - Data Revolution Tour


    Coming soon to a city near you, this exclusive one-day event reveals the leaders in the Data Revolution will be those who can bring to bear the totality of their data assets to seek and uncover transformational insights and enrich every decision across all aspects of their operations. The Qlik Data Revolution Tour is free, but seats are limited.

    2018-10-01 21_38_17-Qlik Events - Data Revolution Tour.png

    2018-10-01 21_38_45-Qlik Events - Data Revolution Tour.png


    Healthcare Demo Days

    (Webinar) program link  Demos of a featured healthcare app. Lead by Qlik Healthcare Solution Architects, these sessions will present use case scenarios, technology insights, and examples of customer success stories. Q&A will be open for the last 15 minutes of each event.

      • Mar 22 - Preventing Readmissions - (On-Demand)
      • May 17 - Qonnections Healthcare Sessions and Posters Recap and downloads - (On-Demand)
      • July 17 - Hospital Associated Infections - Lee Health Focuses on Patient Impact - (On-Demand)
      • NEW August 23 - Qlik Healthcare Accelerator Apps - REGISTER

    Healthcare Tech Talks

    (Webinar) program link Once a month we will be hosting a session focused on a technical feature or technique. Lead by Healthcare Solution Architects, these one-hour sessions will present tips, tricks or technology insights to aid you in your journey with Qlik. Q&A will be open for the last 15 minutes of each event.

    Healthcare Dev Group

    (Webinar) program link Once a month, healthcare organizations will gather to showcase applications and use cases. Led by customers, these 60-90 minute sessions will cover healthcare-focused Qlik apps. There’s no reason for hospitals to operate in silos when there could be mutual collaboration that helps people all across the country. Join these calls to learn how you can speed up production of useful applications, and gain exposure to new ideas and methodologies from other groups. Q&A will be ongoing throughout the sessions to encourage dynamic dialogue with your peers.

      • June - Launch of the brand new group, and Nationwide Children’s and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta present use cases - (On-Demand)
      • July - UHealth payer app and Nationwide Children on Epic Qlik integration  - (On-Demand)
      • August - UW Health Population Health Episodes of Care app, Qlik HR Workplace Survey app - (On-Demand)
      • September - Nationwide Children's CDI app and CHOA's Financial app (On-Demand)
      • December  - CHOA  Rev Cycle app and Oleg Troyansky session on AGGR (On-Demand)
      • April - Epic Script Generator by Mercy Health, and the Qlik Healthcare App Library (a catalog of apps across 40 customers): (On-DemandDownload Script Utility
      • June - Special guest for this event is Rishi Muchhala, Qlik Luminary and Manager, Business Intelligence at Nemours.  Rishi will share how Nemours is leveraging citizen developers to improve its data swagger, to decentralize BI and to drive pervasive self-service analytics. - (On-Demand)
      • September - Join us to learn how National Health Services (NHS) leverages Statistical Process Control Charts (SPC) and Nationwide Children tackles the challenge of staffing analytics.- (On-Demand)

    Special Events


    Qlik for Epic Collaboration Calls

      • Oct 26, 2017 - Aetna Claims app by University of Miami. Referrals app by Contra Costa. Recording
      • July 27, 2017 - Hospital Acquired Infections by Lee Health: Recording
      • Nov 20, 2017 - Professional Billing Denials by OSU Physicians, Healthy Planet Cost & Utilization by Baptist Health, Resolute Hospital Billing Denials by Community Health Network (CHN), ServiceNow by Nationwide Children's, and Resolute Denials based on Epic Cubes by Baptist Health: Recording
      • Jan 25, 2018 - Yuma's Family Practice app, Driscoll Children's on how to download apps from Epic UserWeb, Qlik source control and lifecycle management, poll for next topics. Recording


      • NEW May 23, 2018 - UW Health Inpatient Executive app with document chaining to detailed apps, OSU Physicians Asthma mashup Qlik Sense app for clinicians, Qonnections recap of posters, open Q&A. Recording

    Other Events and Resources

    • Webinars, Videos, and Resources: http://healthcare.qlik.com/
    • 7 Habits of Data-Driven Hospitals. Health Data Management web seminar with CHIO Dr. Clyde Wesp of Valley Health. (On-demand)
    • Epic Webinar: Your Epic Data: Now Working Harder with Qlik  (On-Demand)

    Learn how Qlik:

    •  Enhances the value of the Epic Cogito Star data warehouse

    •  Enables users to incorporate new data sources

    •  Integrates with Epic Hyperspace and Radar

    • Tracking and Improving Ambulatory and Inpatient Measures - (On-Demand)
    • Data Visualization - (On-Demand)
      • Join members of the Humana team as they walk you through app demonstrations, share real-world success stories, and cover important basic principles in data visualization
    • Getting a Head Start on Bundled Payments (On-Demand)
      • Bundling payments presents a number of data challenges. The team at South Shore Hospital and Prominence Advisors addressed those challenges with an analytics solution.
    • Managing Value-Based Care (On-Demand)
      • Using applications they created with Qlik®, Maryland’s Anne Arundel Health System gets the insights they need to properly manage value-based care delivery. Find out which apps they created, how those apps integrate with AAHS’s EMR, what insights the apps reveal, and how you can do the same at your hospital or healthcare organization.
    • HIMSS Webinar: Improving Healthcare with Analytics: The Essentials to Creating a Data-Driven Organization (On-Demand)
      • Qlik and John Martin, Sr. Director of Enterprise Analytics and Reporting at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as they discuss the essential elements to create a data-driven organization and ensure value generation from analytics investments
    • Identifying and Narrowing Care Gaps with Analytics webinar with Springfield Clinic: March 16 (On-Demand)
      • The Springfield Clinic in Illinois is identifying, narrowing, and predicting gaps in care – with the help of analytics.
    • NEW Zero Harm: Improving Clinical Outcomes and Decreasing Harm @ UCSF: Sept 6. REGISTER

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