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Make the ErrorMode Exception Handling, Handle Exceptions

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Make the ErrorMode=0 work as described in the documentation.  I have raised a case with QT support to fix this bug, but have been told I need to create an idea (again) to get the bug fixed.  So here it is. 


The documentation states:


This variable determines what action is to be taken by QlikView when an error is encountered during script

  1. execution. By default (ErrorMode=1) the script execution will halt and the user will be prompted for action

(non-batch mode). By setting ErrorMode =0 QlikView will simply ignore the failure and continue script

execution at the next script statement. By setting ErrorMode =2 QlikView will trigger an "Execution of

script failed..." error message immediately on failure, without prompting the user for action beforehand.

For example, when error handling does not work when attempting to STORE into a locked file.

With ErrorMode set to 0, the QV load process aborts with a General Script Error when attempting to store the data into a locked TXT file. The error should be handled as the ErrorMode is set to 0, whereby QV should ignore the error and continue.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Create a new document.

2. Add script below.

3. Reload QV document.

4. Open c:\temp\temp.csv in Excel to lock the file.

5. Reload QV document.




SET ErrorMode=0;











STORE Data Into [C:\Temp\Temp.csv] (txt);


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