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    Funnel Chart in Flat Design (non-3D) with QlikView

      Hi All,

      i am  currently creating a report with material design (= flat design).


      However, I am struggeling with the funnel Chart which just do not want to leave it's 3D visualisation to get to flat design.


      It should look like this:



      But currently looks like this:


      To receive the correct design, it is necessary to remove the black outline of the Chart as well as the dark Gradient of the segments.



      Both should be adjustable in the Settings, either by  Style --> 3D view   or   Colors --> Sector outline.



      However, I did not manage to set the 3D view to any other value with a visible result (it always resets to the old values).

      Additionally, the Option "sector outline" in tab Colors is inactive whatever I try.



      I attached a qvw with the funnel and would really appreciate if anyone could advise


      Thank you very much!