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    New Data

    Deepanshu Chamoli

      Hello All


      Please help me in the below query. I read the qlik documents but still confused.


      I have connected ODBC with Qlik Sense. In SQL the data is updated every day. As there are millions of data approx 200 million data, I need to load the new data only so that it takes less time to upload the data in qvd.


      I have created a variable using LET statement which contains maximum date. I am using the variable in the where statement to get the new data.


      The problem I am facing is when I load the data first time; it loads the data successfully in it. But when I load the data multiple times the output is different sometimes it load all data sometimes 0 data


      Ideally when I load the data again and again, the output shows 0 upload because the new data is uploaded.


      I don’t have the qvd as the qvd is in other environment.


      Can someone please guide the best method for incremental load in qvd and correct me also.





      I will be grateful if someone attach the qvd where the above example suits