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    how to show highest value

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      currently i am showing  recent score  and previous score of each parameter of each location, in a bar chart ,

      but my client want me to show recent highest scores previous highest scores of each parameter irrespective of location fields..

      what i mean is suppose if i select location = chanderia ,then i a bar chart i am showing all the latest scores and previous scores of each parameter for that particular location....

      to achieve that i wrote each expression for each bar

      expression for overall score current :


      firstsortedvalue({<Category=,Decision=,name1=,ENSTEHDAT=,MaterialName= >} OVERALL_SCR, -ADATE) 

      so on i wrote all the expression for each parameter


      now my requiremnt is on of top each bar i have to show highest recent score irrespective of location selected

      i mean in my slide 

      for chanderia location: overall recent score is :71

      so on top i need overall recent highest score among all location ....suppose highest score is 100 then i need 100 on top ..and this value should not change on any location selection.....

      i think to achieve this i have to use a combo chart ,any how one value i am showing in bar so i think the highes values value i should show in dots