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    Versions have to match? QV Server (w/Publisher & AccessPoint modules) vs. QV Desktop

    Ellen Blackwell

      I understand the different functionality and purpose of QV Desktop software vs. QV Server software. And, I realize that Publisher and AccessPoint are components -- or, modules -- of QV Server. Assuming they exist, can someone explain version compatibility issues. For example,

      1. If you are developing with QV desktop v9, SR6, do you have to have QV server v9 running? 2. Can you publish an app developed in v10 to AccessPoint in server v9 - and vice-versa? 3. Do Publisher and AccessPoint 'inherit' the QV server version number, or do they have their own release schedules? Have AccessPoint and Publisher been enhanced in QV server v10? Is so, how?

      Trying to provide an answer that I am certain of to a superior. Thank you!