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    Execute different expressions on a chart using macro

      Been playing with this for a while as a workaround to the Pick function which doesn't scale at all with large volumes of data. This QVW works fine if I change the script to have $(v1) rather than v1. But works only for the non-aggregate functions. e.g. 2*2, 3*3 etc.

      The moment I change to Sum(), it doesn't work.


      All I want is a simple model which will have something like this.



      Metric   Exp1               Exp2

      M1       m1firstexp       m1secondexp

      M2       m2firstexp       m2secondexp


      and the variables are defined like this.

      m1firstexp    -> sum(value1)

      m1secondexp -> sum(value2)

      m2firstexp -> sum(value3)

      m2secondexp -> sum(value4)


      As in the attached file, I want to use Metric as the dimension and dynamically evaluate the respective first and second expressions. Anyone has any ideas kindly let me know that will be of great help.


      P.S: Kindly avoid suggesting Pick. I have had enough of it. Sorry.