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    Qlik Sense: change default app Path with environment variables



      This is my firts post. I've a question:


      In the version of Qlik Sense Desktop (Win 7 environment), I need change the default Apps path, using environment variables of Windows.


      I tried this, but doesn't work:


      -- Settings.ini file:

      [Settings 7]




      where %QLIK_APPS% is a environment variable with the path of the my Apps.


      The log of System Engine of Qlik Sense is:


      Severity    Timestamp    ProcessId    ThreadId    UserId    Server Started    Message


      INFO    20160505T131817.022+0200    11976    20368    Internal\Engine    20160505T131813.000+0200    Mount: Found Mount  at location %QLIK_APPS%  browsable



      How can I change app folder in settings.ini using environment variables?


      Thanks in advance.