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    Firsts steps... donut chart



      I'm a new user of Qlik Sense . I followed the developer tutorial and tried to use come data of mine, but I need some help.

      my data has the following format :

      Nb PlayerGame 1Game 2Game 3etc.

      I have players, games, and "1" means that the player won the corresponding game.


      What I'm trying to do is making a donut chart in which the dimensions are the games ("Game 1", "Game 2", etc.) and the measures are the number of points earned by all players (4 for "Game 1", 5 for "Game 2", etc.).


      1) I know how to do this for one game ("Game 1" as dimension, count("Game 1") as a measure), but I didn't found out how to put all games as dimensions and all their totals as measure in the same chart.


      2) More difficult : after doing that, I would like to go deeper in the analysis. When I have the donut chart, and I click on "Game 2" for example, I want Qlik Sense to tell me among the players who won "Game 2", how many also won "Game 1" and "Game 3" (a sunburst can be a good idea ?)


      Hope you can help me

      Thanks !