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    Can I insert a trigger by a macro...?

    Luciano Anselmetti

      Hi all,


      I need to insert same trigger for some fields (varying only field name). To do this "programmatically", I have try to search a property on API for trigger managing, but I have not been able to find it.

      My objective is to create a master document trigger "on selecting" a field and duplicate it for other fields by code, or create it directy from code.


      All this is for managing individually the subtotals in a report generator. For help users, my idea is preselect subtotals fields with the same selected in column tables, categorizated in some data type (product data, customers info, time period, ecc...). For this I would use a document trigger bound to the field that select corresponding values on a parallel table containing same values that are in column tables. On chart, the visualization of any dimension and measure depends from this last table.

      I would control subtotals (by a macro triggered from a button) using the parallel tables that are preselected with all dimensions selected from first tables, where users can deselect unwanted subtotals.


      Are appreciated alternative solutions


      Thanks in advance