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    Good looking Management Console

    Lokesh Patel

      Hi Everyone,


      Recently we handed over all the Management Console duties to our support team and yesterday, the support guys asked me a question.

      Why QMC looks so ugly?


      I love QlikView, but they were right too so I could not disagree with them. Those old school icons in QMC does set you back in this modern age of flat UI.


      So, I went to bed late last night and this is how our QMC looks this morning.




      Reload Tasks


      I have attached set of icons in this post, all you have to do is..

      Copy icons from QMC folder to the following destination

      C:\Program Files\QlikView\Management Service\QMC\Images

      And copy icons from QMCCommon to the following folder

      C:\Program Files\QlikView\Management Service\QMCCommon\Images

      You can customize the look and feel your own way, you can find lots of interesting icons for free at http://www.flaticon.com/

      in coming days, I am planning to change every icons.

      What are your thoughts / feedback on this?