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    Pivot Table +Dimensionality () + Sum(Total <> Sales)

    Daniel Sanchez Mendoza

      Hi everyone,


      I have a pivot table with  3 dimensions, and 2 expressions. I need to show total sales by company when Dimensionality()=1, if Dimensionality ()=2 then Sum total sales by SubBrand and if Dimensionality ()=3 then Sum Total sales by store.


      I have this expressions:


          Sum({$<Discount=,DiscountDescription=,Anio={'$(vMaxAño)'},FlagCatNoExc={1},FlagProdNoExc={1}>} Total TotalSales),


              Sum({$<Discount=,DiscountDescription=,Anio={'$(vMaxAño)'},FlagCatNoExc={1},FlagProdNoExc={1}>} TOTAL <SubBrand,Store> TotalSale),

              Sum({$<Discount=,DiscountDescription=,Anio={'$(vMaxAño)'},FlagCatNoExc={1},FlagProdNoExc={1}>} TOTAL <Store> TotalSale)




      It seems to be working only when I expand all the second dimension, if I only expand the secon dimension from one category it doesnt work.  I need  the value doesnt change  if I expand all the second dimension or only one category


      Someone can help me?