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    Dynamical coloring of bar chart

    Carolin Borchert



      I´ve a bar chart where I first had two expressions:


      Bild 1.jpg

      Expression in Gray:

      =Num(Sum({$<LastMonthDayMarker = {'>=1'}, BacklogMarkerThis = {'1'} , OrderPhase_Desc = {'HISBACKLOG'} >} NettAmount$(vCurrency)),$(vInteger))


      Expression in Blue:

      =Num(Sum({$<FYear = {'$(=vFYToday)'} , OrderPhase_Desc = {'Revenue'} >} NettAmount$(vCurrency)), ''),$(vInteger))


      Now what I actually want is a conditional background formatting of the currently blue bar. The gray bar is actually a part of it. I tried them to just overlap and I couldn´t find how. Now I just try to give that blue chart two colors. Gray for the first section of the bar until it is as high as the gray one and for the rest blue.


      My expression that I tried up to now is:

      if( (Sum({$<LastMonthDayMarker = {'>=1'}, BacklogMarkerThis = {'1'}, OrderPhase_Desc = {'HISBACKLOG'} >} NettAmount$(vCurrency))) ={'>=1'}, rgb(0,94,187), rgb(89,89,89))


      I think the expression doesn´t express that the color of the bar should be divided. Right now it only says if it higher than 1, then make it blue otherwise gray. What do I need to write?


      Many thanks in advance!