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    Color by Variable



      I have a colour problem in a bar chart. The bar chart is composed by 3 different measures that are the result of a difference between specific percentage from 2 different tables (ANAG and LOG).

      If I chose "Automatic Colour" or "Multicolour" the 3 different variables will have 3 different colour (like in the picture).

      I need that this 3 colours (blue, yellow and rose) arent based on the default colour, but I have to choose it

      The variable $(scostamentoRichM) is composed with this expression :


      (sum({<[Sesso]= {'Maschio'}>} rich_totali)  /  (Sum(rich_totali))  *100)   //this percentage is from table LOG
      (sum({<[Usp_a_SESSO]= {'M'}>} Usp_a_NUM)  //this percentage is from table ANAG 
           (sum({<[Usp_a_SESSO]= {'M'}>} Usp_a_NUM)
                +sum({<[Usp_a_SESSO]= {'F'}>} Usp_a_NUM)
                     +sum({<[Usp_a_SESSO]= {'ND'}>} Usp_a_NUM)) *100)


      The other 2 variables have the same espression but is called $(scostamentoRichF) and $(scostamentoRichND).




      I need the coloration  like this (picture below):

      $(scostamentoRichM)  = rgb(130,51,0)

      $(scostamentoRichND)  = rgb(240,220,130)

      $(scostamentoRichF)  = rgb(219,112, 32)