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    Web version loses the browser connection every now and then when changing through report tabs

      This is the problem, our web version of the reports loses the browser connection quite often when selecting a new tab (first qlikview alert says that "Server connection lost - reconnecting.." and in a moment the browser informs that "no connection") . We have around 30 tabs in total which have conditional visibilities.

      I haven't been able to figure out a pattern which causes these connection losses, and I'm not sure if the conditional visibility is even relevant. I've been trying to find if there is a specific tab that causes this but none of them seem to affect it. It can crash at any tab, after any tab. Sometimes I'm able to change tabs inside one set infinitely when no visibility changes happen and then when I open a new set it quickly loses the connection (after 1-5 tab changes). But the problem is that it is not limited to this. Sometimes, but rarely, it will crash even though only one set has been opened and then browsed through without any tabs becoming hidden again.

      I'm completely clueless where the problem might be since I haven't been able to find any pattern in it at all. Any leads where to look?