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    convert Date field values

      i want to convert Date field values like 19-07-20116 to 19-July-2016


      and also i want to display particular dates only instead of displaying entire date field  in list box or table box


      Can any one please share the solution

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Well, that's going to be tricky. Unless 20116 is a typo. I'll assume it is. If the date value is a real date and not just a text string that looks like a date you use the Date() function: Date(MyDateField, 'DD-MMMM-YYYY').

          If the date value is a string value then you first need to use the Date# function to turn it into a date value: Date(Date#(MyDateField,'DD-MM-YYYY'), 'DD-MMMM-YYYY').

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              Thank you so much Gysbert.it was working .


              Question:i have a Sale field in a straight table.i want to add firstl sale value in first record to  sale value in second record and display the total in second record and same on 3rd and 4th and display in 4th record.............

              by using accumulation we can add all dimension values but here i want to add two-two values.please share the solution.............

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  See this blog post: Accumulations

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                      Thank you Gysbert.


                      Question 1:Can you Please Explain the entire Qlikview Data modeling Procedure (What are the regular steps needed to perform data modeling)?

                      Question 2:Can You please describe the End-End Realtime Project Architecture(Project Flow) like

                      (Please give me answers for the following questions)

                      1. How i can get the requirement?
                      2. { In which format they will provide the requirement document?
                      3. who will provide the spec document to a Developer?
                      4. who will provide the database details?
                      5. how can we Extract the data from multiple data sources in QV Application?
                      6. How can we integrate the data that comes from multiple data sources In QV?
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                      9. After Development and Before deploying what are the steps going on in a project?
                      10. Who will send a document to Testing team?
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                      12. What are the steps needed for SIT?
                      13. What are the steps needed for UAT?
                      14. if any issues occur in a project who will provide the help to a developer?
                      15. Who is sever and who is Publisher?
                      16. what is The role of Server and Publisher?
                      17. Is Admin will maintain a team? }

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                          Onno van Knotsenburg

                          All these questions have nothing to do with your initial topic; date conversion.

                          Half of these questions have nothing specific to do with QlikView (or Qlik Sense). Some are even basic software development.


                          So I am locking this topic.

                          I suggest you make a topic for specific (product related) questions (and not all in 1 topic as they are not all related), but not before using the search option (or even Google) and do some basic reading.