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    Apply Color map to all charts

    Suraj Kumar

      Hi Experts,

      I want to define a standard set of colors(bar chart properties-->colors tab->Data Appearance section) for all charts in the document.

      I clicked on Advanced button and defined some colors and tried to make it document default. But it seems that the changes(all set of colors) are not applied to all chart and are just stored as document default colors.

      How can i apply the change to all charts ie using document default color map.



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Changing the default document colors will not change existing objects. You'll have to do that manually. Perhaps the Format Painter Tool (from the Design toolbar) can help a bit with that.

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            Chanty 4u


            try to create colour codes in excel sheet and load that in Qliview and try to insert below script  then u will get the same colurs whatevr u expected 

            chk below thread aswell

            Re:Load colour



            LOAD ColorNo,




            (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);



            Let vNumberOfRows = NoOfRows('ColorCodes');

            For vI = 0 to (vNumberOfRows - 1)

            Let vVariable_Name = Peek('ColorNo',vI,'Expression');

            Let [$(vVariable_Name)] = Peek('ColorCode',vI,'Expression');




            DROP Table ColorCodes;


            NOte: ColourNo {1,2,3...}


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                Suraj Kumar

                Hi Chanty,


                Thanks for script.


                My requirement is to apply the color changes to all charts at one go(because my dashboard has some 30 charts), instead of manually going to each chart(color tab-> Advanced tab-->update doc default).

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                    Zhihong He

                    Hi, Suraj,


                    Yes, as Gysbert pointed out, the modified document default color will not effect the exist objects. So you know that you must set this value when you start to create the dashboard in the future.

                    And in your case, the  "format painter tool" helps.  Pls notice that you need to double click on the target object to make the format work.