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    How to compare the last month with the previous regardless of the selection

    Maximiliano Carena

      Dear , I have read several articles on comparison periods but can not find a simple way to find the solution to my problem. I know it's a simple formula but I can not find it.

      To explain my fields : MES for the month , MONTO for the sale.

      So, I have all the selected Qlik year , but I want to make a single sum of sales for the last month , I mean the most recent month. Tall so that when you update data more recent months this formula always bring me the last month.

      A formula that works but that should change every month would be this:

      Sum({<MES={jun}>} MONTO)     -     here I am indicating to bring me the sum of sales for June (Jun ) but I want that it to bring me the last month, so I will not update for each change of month

      I am very grateful that I can help .