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    Qlik Sense Cloud app size vs. storage limitations, for demos?

      We need to provide customer demos very easily of our QS apps. We have the demos as QFV files (pseudonymized as required) including both the app and data.


      Qlik Sense Cloud could be the solution but app size limitation may be a problem:

      - some of the demos are larger than 50MB apps, or at least sum of the apps is far above that

      - the demos include both application and data in QVF file

      - re-engineering to exclude data would require extra work (to figure out what data formats are supported, make exports (and maintain those in  case of updates) I guess native MS SQL Server is not supported inside Qlik Sense Cloud)


      So, what is actually this "Storage"? Or is it ok out-of-the box to upload apps larger than 50MB and Cloud would extract the included data somwhoe automatically???


      Installing and updating demos on Desktops is too inconvenient and you do not have Access to the demos unless you remembered to copy the latest versions of the demos required.


      Of course yet another option would be to have an own server in DMZ or via VPN, but yet another node and licensing issue to maintain.


      Basic question is the storage issue above, how is it?

      Or other options for hosting demos?