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    Front End Help Required

    Nitin Gupta

      HI All,


      I need to create ac straight table which uses the input of values from other straight table and calculates accordingly.

      I cannot do these calculations at back end  as the expression in first st. table is evaluated from 4 different fact tables which consists of huge amount of data. adn  joining these fact tables hangs my reload.


      the sample is as per below image:



      Left hand side table is first straight table , where I am having two dimensions as LOP and GIM number, and two expressions as Past PCA and PCA Date,

      Past PCA is the expression which is calculated from fields from 4 facttales. and PCA Date is the max(PCA_DT).


      Now I want my output as my second table where LOP should be the dimension and PAST PCA value should be the PAST PCA(from first table) where the PCA Date is maximum for a particular LOP.


      SO for 86070, max PCA Date is 6/7/2016, so Past PCA= 3 % and for 88099 max PCA Date is 7/23/2016, so PAST PCA=0%.



      Please advise how to get these values at front end .




      Nitin Gupta