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    Color for a limit area based on a condition in a Gauge

    Bijoy B



                I have a Gauge Chart, for which I have set a limit. Is there any possibility to set the color for a limit area in the gauge based on a condition??


               For instance, I have two Variables(ACTUAL and BUDGET), which generates values based on selection. I set a limit in the gauge using an expression, which identifies whether ACTUAL or BUDGET applies to the limit. If the limit is BUDGET, the area in Gauge from the limit to MAX should be green and if ACTUAL is the limit, then the area from the limit to MAX should be red.


               I am attaching the screenshot of my scenario,(Selection values are specified below each)   





                I have kept a KPI to show the variance for the related items(In another way, my requirement is like when the KPI is green, i want the area in graph to be green and if the KPI is red, i want the area in graph to be red(by default its showing green))


           Attaching the qvf for the same also.