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    Null values in Dimenssion Group


      I have a very tricky question. I hope all you people could help me.

      I have a DB with the next schema:


      I have created a pivot table as follows:


      As you can see, in the first row '(-)' it represents as a NULL value.

      'category' comes from the MasterProduct.qvd and it is not because the 'codproduct' does not exist. I have checked in a plain table and it exists. The problem is with 'codproduct': in this column i have some codes like this:

      • 1234E0045
      • 2034E0095

      And others like this:

      • 23456T47
      • 45T34E23

      With the fist group is where I have the problem. QV transforms as numeric exponential 1234E0045 -> 1.23 x10 ^45

      I would like to help me with some advise to avoid this exception. I have changed the code with some of this formulas but it still does not work.

      • text(codproduct) as codproduct
      • trim(text(codproduct)) as codproduct
      • text(codproduct)&'PRD' as codproduct

      I hope you can help me.

      Thank you in advance.