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    Sum, aggr and total

    Juan Patricio Iorio

      Hi everyone!


      I have the next data:


      type  transactions  client      type2

      1           3              name1     123

      2           4              name2     234

      3          11              name3     345

      1           4               name4    133




      There are a lot of types.

      I create a pivot table with the dimension type and, for each one, i created a calculated dimension:







                                       type2 = {'1*'}




                           ),type, client) <= 10,



      this bring to me the top ten client with the maximun transactions (in the expression I sum the transactions where type2 = {'1*'})

      This is ok, but, i need another expression that sum all the transactions grouped by type (for the example data for the type 1 the sum is 7), i try with aggr, sum and total but it doesnt work.



      Thanks a lot!!


      Upload example!