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    another approach to ABC analysis - need help

    Evgeny Stuchalkin

      Hello! i'm already applyed method from this guide: Recipe for an ABC Analysis


      But now i need another approach:

      in Recipe for an ABC Analysis we get results like "how much best 20% clients makes money for me". I need solve this in key "Who is this clients, who makes 80% money for me".


      I make this table:



      It counts accumulative percentage for clients, that sorted by decease of Delta. Formula:


      RangeSum(Above(sum(Дельта)/sum(TOTAL Дельта),0,rowno()))


      ABC - its measue with formula:


      If(RangeSum(Above(sum(Дельта)/sum(TOTAL Дельта),0,rowno()))>0.95,'C',

      If(RangeSum(Above(sum(Дельта)/sum(TOTAL Дельта),0,rowno()))>0.80,'B','A'))


      Now, i want to select all 'A' clients in one click. That means i need calculate ABC as Dimension. And i have problem with it.


      When im changing formula of ABC like this:


      aggr(If(RangeSum(Above(sum(Дельта)/sum(TOTAL Дельта),0,rowno()))>0.95,'C',

      If(RangeSum(Above(sum(Дельта)/sum(TOTAL Дельта),0,rowno()))>0.80,'B','A')),[Brand name])


      And switch it type to Dimension, it brokes my accumulative percentage, end calculated incorectly:



      What i must change in my formulas?