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    QlikSense License and Qlikview License Questions

      Hello All,


      For qlik sense, We pay 20$ per month to use qliksense cloud to share our sense dashboards.

      1. Can we make the dashboard public without authentication or login to the cloud?

      2. Can we publish qliksense dashboards on opur website, it is PHP based.


      For Qlikview:


      I need to ask for the licenses I really need based on your experience:


      1. There is only one person who works on dashboard, so we need t create qlikview reports

      2. we need to publish qlikview dashboards on a server and share it with our partners public without authentication

      3. We need to publish it on our website.


      What license do we really need to get for each feature? I read the licence matrix but it has a lot of things, I need your input to decide on things I need because sales sent a long document with many options.


      I really appreciate your help.


      Thanks, -Hanan