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    Qlikview Certification Guidence


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to Qlikview and would like to prepare for Qlikview Certification. I have around 1+ years of experience into IT Business Intelligence & worked on 1 Project in Qlikview.

      Is it possible for me to clear the certification at this level of experience.


      Few questions -

      1. Which certification should I aim for Designer or Developer ?

      2. Which is the latest version certification is offering, Qlikview 11 or something else ?

      3. Which book, reference material I should study ? Can you please help me with online links and book names?

      4. How to register for certification?

      5. What is the certification cost and passing score ?

      6. What kind of benefits I can get in the market with this certification ?

      7. Do we know if we have new Qlikview version planned in near future ? Will my certification be valued if new version comes in?



      Please help me understand this process. Thanks in advance.