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    NPrinting On Demand Excel Template: add page number to footer?

    Corey Hartman

      Hi All,


      I am using NPrinting On Demand, creating Excel templates and printing to PDF using NPrinting 16 and QlikView 11.2 SR6 (with IE Plugin). I've searched for documentation regarding adding the page number to a report, and even tried using Excel's page number function in the template footer. However, I have found no pertinent documentation and Excel's function will not add a page number if a table continues from a previous page and continues on to the next page. In other words, if a table starts on page 2, goes through page 3, and ends on page 4, the report will actually show page 2 on page 2, no page number at all on page 3, and page 3 on page 4. Is there something I'm missing? I do not see a page number function in NPrinting Designer. Would it help to try using a different template type?


      Even though Adobe has a page number built into its PDF viewer, my customers would still like to see a page number on the report for when they print the PDF to paper.


      Thank you!