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    Time Line Chart questions

      Hi All,

      I have a quick question: how to create a time line chart in Qlikview.


      I have 2 column : Phone and Released date

      iphone , 2/2/2010

      droid , 2/10/2010

      etc, 11/2/2011


      I need to show the time line with the date on the X axis and the phone name  shown on the chart  and not shown as legend.


      It similar to the time line project.







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          Steve Dark

          Hi there,


          What I would suggest is that you add a counter to each row of that dataset - you will also need to ensure your dates are formatted correctly.  This inline statement should give an idea:




                    1 as PhoneCount,


                    date(date#(Date, 'DD MMM YYYY'), 'DD MMM YYYY') as Date

          INLINE [


          iPhone,1 Jan 2011

          Android,24 Mar 2011



          With the data in this format you can create a combo chart.  Set the Date as the dimension for the chart.  Set the first Expression to be sum(PhoneCount) and select that to be a symbol.  Put a second Expression in simply of Phone - set this to be Values On Data Points.  You will also want to check that you have a Continuous axis.


          This should give you something to start with, I would sugest you want to also want to play about with the formatting.  The attached .qvw file should give some ideas.


          Hope that helps.