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    How to get Sum of Max values in a diagram

      Dear all,

      I have a problem summing up the Max values over 2 dimensions.

      What I thought to be basic seems to be quite tricky:


      Two data sources ("Meldestelle") send usage data should ("Soll")/is ("Ist") for two services "Derivat"


      I create a diagram with

      • Bars abs."should" accumulated ->ok
      • Bars abs."is" accumulated ->ok
      • Line relative "should" ->problem
      • Line relative "is" ->problem


      For the latter 2 I tried

      =sum(TIF_TABLE.accum_soll_h) / sum(Max(TOTAL TIF_TABLE.accum_soll_h))

      Or alike but the divisor seems to evaluate wrong:

      I would expect sum(Max(TOTAL TIF_TABLE.accum_soll_h)) to give me the max of - in this case the sum(TIF_TABLE.accum_soll_h).


      All works out, when selecting ONE "Meldestelle" and ONE Derivat:

      Over multiple it fails…

      I also tried with aggr - like

      sum(Aggr(Max(TIF_TABLE.accum_soll_h),TIF_TABLE.%MeldeStelle_Key ))

      But results look even more strange…


      Someone can help, please?


      Thanks Oliver