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    mapping load

    Praveena Velagapudi

      I have below mapping load table


      ID ,Text

      002 ,text1

      2 ,text2


      when applymap is applied, it default takes to 2 for even 002. How can I fix it to exact?

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          Sunny Talwar

          May be load ID field in the mapping table using Text() function:




          LOAD Text(ID) as ID,



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            Peter Cammaert

            The reason is that a Mapping Table acts like a symbol table with dual values. Identical numerical values cannot have different text values, just like dual values.

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                Sunny Talwar

                peter -


                So it won't work even if force Text() function to it? Have not tested what I proposed, but I wonder if you already have tested this or know this for fact.




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                    Peter Cammaert

                    Yes, it works if you observe the rule that only text values are stored, and that QlikView should be blocked from interpreting and passing dual values with a numerical component to search for.


                    Anyway it shoyuld be easy to figure out what works and what doesn't. I used this code (copied from your post)


                    LOAD Text(ID) as ID, Text INLINE [
                    ID, Text
                    2, Text1
                    02, Text2
                    002, Text3
                    0002, Text4
                    LET vTest1 = applymap('MT', 2, 'NotFound');
                    LET vTest2 = applymap('MT', '02', 'NotFound');
                    LET vTest3 = applymap('MT', text('002'), 'NotFound');


                    to get this result

                    Mapping Load thread237296 .jpg



                    [Edit] Attached the example document to further play with.