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    QVS 10 SR1 Events Log | Failed to translate name

    Isaiah Weed

      Hi All - I have been running QVS 10 SR1 now for about a month; upgraded from 9 SR5. Since the upgrade I (only) periodically see messages such as the below in the QVS Events log. It seems like it only happens on certain days. The referenced accounts are valid and active; both local accounts on the QVS box or domain accounts. Some days I see a bunch of records like the below; other days none (with the same user accounts accessing documents.

      2011-04-12 02:30:05 2011-04-12 09:41:50 2 500 Warning Windows System Info: Failed to translate name QVSVR\username (username@QVSVR) - "Access is denied.

      Any idea what could be causing this?

      Thanks -Isaiah