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    How to copy line chart from sheet B to sheet A ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I need to copy sheet B chart to here , it is a line chart line chart which work fine ( can view from sheet B ):-


      When SOURCE=TDSS is trun on.


      Dimension = month


      Expression =

      Aggr( Rangesum( Above( Sum( {<Year={'>$(=year(today())-2)'}, nET_PROFIT={'nET_PROFIT'}>}Amount )/Rate ,0,rowno())) ,year,(month,(NUMERIC,ASCENDING)))


      My issue is when i copy over to here (Sheet A) , the chart does not display any thing. ( I have no issue copy other bar chart and line chart from sheet to sheet ).


      May i know where i go wrong ? ( i Does not use any extension )