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    Show Closed and opened case in a single chart even though they have 2 different dates

    Simon Touyet

      I all, I have a table with the headers below for casework:


      Case IDOpened DateClosed DateClosed
      101 Jan 201605 Jan 2016Yes
      201 Jan 201603 Jan 2016Yes
      302 Jan 201611 Jan 2016Yes
      404 Jan 201605 Jan 2016Yes
      507 Jan 201609 Jan 2016Yes


      Because each case is not open and closed on the same case, I can't create a chart showing the net difference between how many cases are opened and closed on a same day. I believe I will have to do something with the script editor but to be honest I am a TOTAL novice when it comes to that (if anybody has any easy-peasy tutorials on it,please send the links over).


      how can I make a chart show the number of cases opened vs the number of cases closed on a chart using teh same date dimension?


      It should show the below:

      - 1st of Jan 2016: 2 opened, 0 closed

      - 2nd of Jan 2016: 1 opened, 0 closed

      - 3rd of Jan 2016: 0 opened, 1 closed

      - 4th of Jan 2016: 1 opened, 0 closed

      - 5th of Jan 2016: 0 opened, 2 closed

      - etc...