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    Click on KPI to Open a URL in Qlik Sense

    Amith Murali

      Hi guys,


      I have a requirement in qliksense.


      i have 4 apps namely Dashboard, Hospital, Trading and Pharmacy.

      In the dashbaord app, i am combining all the Sales amount from hospital,trading and Pharmacy.

      I have a field in Dashabord which is 'Type' and it contains values Hospital, tradiing and pharmacy. by default in the dashboard, it will show the complete sales and if i select hospital from the dimesion type. it will show only hospitals sales.


      Now the requirement is that,

      when the hospital is selected and if the customer clicks on the KPI, it should open the URL which contains the url to hospital app, or if he have selected trading, it should open the trading app.

      In text object when i add measure and add url to it. i cannot give any if condition to point to it to dashboard.

      Can you guys help me with this,


      Thanks in Advance.