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    Built a Pie in a straight table

    Court van de Lisdonk



      Is it possible to build a pie in a straight table ( see attachment)


      I have a straight table with one Dimension (CompanyNumber) and 5 expressions:

      1) Sum(BudgetAmount)

      2) Sum(ActualAmount)

      3) Sum(ActualAmount) - Sum(BudgetAmount)

      4)  if (Sum(BudgetAmount) > 0, Sum(ActualAmount) /  Sum(BudgetAmount), 0)

      5) If ((Sum(BudgetAmount) - Sum(ActualAmount))/ Sum(BudgetAmount)> 0, (Sum(BudgetAmount) - Sum(ActualAmount))/ Sum(BudgetAmount), 1)


      If I create a Pie, I use 4 and 5 to build the two Pie-parts, so 4 + 5 is the hole pie

      I had created a straight table and a trellisbox with pies for every Company one pie.


      Now my Managers wants that I integrate the pies into the straight table. But I don't know how I can do that with the expressions I have,

      even don't know if it is possible at all


      So I could use some help


      Thanks in regards