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    phantomjs and Qlik Sense

    Henk Leppers



      I am trying to use phantomjs in combination with Qlik Sense. So I pass the QS URL to phantom.js (something like: phantomjs rasterize.js "http://ourservername/sense/app/ff30aa59-85b4-4e2e-ae9e-84f182031800/sheet/bba4f3e9-1109-4c46-859f-96a29dbcf57a/state/analysis" test.pdf


      De pdf get's generated but is empty. When I pass another url (for instance phantomjs rasterize.js "http://www.qlik.com" test.pdf ) it does work, I get a pdf with data from the Qlik website. The URL I use is fine, when I paste it in the browser it transfers me to the correct page.


      So what is going wrong?