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    Filter Problems on 3.1 SR2 and 3.1 SR3

    xavier Douchet

      hi every body,

      i have got a problem on my application since the version 3.1 SR2 (same issue on 3.1 SR3).


      The problem Appears on the filters when the they size is reduce to maximum no problem when filter is not reduce

      09-Dec-16 01-26-09 PM.jpg


      problem decription:

      filter reduced to maximum size

      09-Dec-16 01-17-11 PM.jpg

      when i Click on filter all available choices are hidden

      09-Dec-16 01-19-45 PM.jpg

      if i type a wildcard in search zone, they are displayed

      09-Dec-16 01-22-41 PM.jpg

      Some others issues since 3.1 SR2 are raised :like extensions  SenseUI-DropDown and SenseUI-Spectrum


      09-Dec-16 01-33-16 PM.jpg09-Dec-16 01-35-58 PM.jpg

      is someone has an idea to correct these issue ?