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    Extension Properties - change values from button action

      Hi all,


      I have two problems with the Properties panel.


      The first one is to change the content of a text area from an action of a button:

      items: {
          btn: {
              label:"Set value",
              component: "button",
              action: function(data){
                  data.props.text = 'asd';
          txt: {
                  component: "textarea",
                  rows: 7,
                  maxlength: 100,
                  ref: "props.text"


      After the action, the value in the text area is changed, but only in the visualization, not in the model. So when I save I still have the old value. Also, the update event is not fired after my change.


      The second problem, that is related to the first one, is to change the items of a drop down list after a button action.


      Anyone had a similar problem?