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    Derived fields not working in Set Analysis

    Stephen Redmond



      I have been playing with Declare and Derive.  I have created a calendar using the script from the help however, when I use the field in Set Analysis, I get no limitation.  So the expression:


      Sum({<[OrderDate.Calendar.Year]={2013}>}[#Sales Total])


      Will calculate across all available values, as if the set was not there.


      In the same model, I have also created a Year field from the same OrderDate field - in the "old fashioned" way.  The expression:


      Sum({<[Year]={2013}>}[#Sales Total])


      Correctly calculates for only values in 2013.


      If I juxtapose both year fields on the layout, selections in one field are correctly reflected in the other field.


      Are derived fields not supported for Set Analysis?